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Who Should Play?

Our virtual adventures are suitable for anyone, whether you're a seasoned gamer or a curious explorer, our VR experiences cater to all skill levels. Participants must be over 10 years old to play.

For Team Building

Foster teamwork and communication in a dynamic environment. Our immersive challenges encourage collaboration, making Virtropolis VR the ideal destination for team-building activities.

For Special Events

Elevate celebrations with a touch of virtual magic. From birthdays to corporate gatherings, our VR experiences add excitement and innovation to any special event you're hosting.

What People Say

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Andre MAndre M
01:46 07 Oct 23
FIVE STARS!! My wife and I went to Virtropolis on a date nite for a first time vr escape room experience. We chose Escape the Lost Pyramid since as it's recommended for first timers. Before I forget, I called in first to speak to one of the staff there. Unfortunately I do not recall their name so I apologize to whomever was the staff member. But we arrived, signed waivers and we were given a short brief tutorial. We loaded in and began what going to a blast for the next 35m as we solved our puzzle quite quickly! We were then even gifted the opportunity to play a game since we finished well ahead of time. We then played Archer, a vr tower defense arcade game. ANOTHER W! Although we didn't beat it successfully we enjoyed ourselves to the utmost. We willl definitely be returning at some point in the future and hopefully with our friends.
Daniel TranDaniel Tran
17:45 04 Oct 23
Great staff and were very accommodating when something comes up and ruins our schedule. Had a great time playing with my friends. Would definitely come again
Arturo SepulvedaArturo Sepulveda
01:14 01 Oct 23
So fricken epic and cool 😎😎😎👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥
Brian GlassBrian Glass
05:04 27 Sep 23
I scheduled Virtropolis for a work team building event and everyone had a great time. We did an escape room aboard a space ship to keep it from crashing into a planet. The game was very innovative and required more teamwork than a physical escape room because the VR added another entire dimension to the game. After we escaped early we played a game of high tech dodgeball which was even more fun than the escape room. I would definitely recommend checking it out.
Forrest McKayForrest McKay
00:58 19 Sep 23
Went with a group of coworkers, had a blast. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Great bonding experience through a really cool VR experience, I highly recommend this place to escape from the real world for a while. Choose the blue pill Neo!
Carol RosadoCarol Rosado
07:05 05 Sep 23
I absolutely love this location. I have gone two times now. Once as a group and again just this past week with my partner. The staff are very friendly and do a great job helping you get comfortable. The equipment is clean and in great condition. The set up at this location is very practical and simple.You do not have to be a versed gamer to enjoy this activity! It feels so real and totally worth doing once at least.
Robert RRobert R
01:59 12 Aug 23
A whole lot of fun. Me and my wife did the Escape The Lost Pyramid adventure. It was like playing the game It Takes Two but in VR. The instructor gave great instructions which lead to a fun smooth experience. Loved it!
Marianne RenucciMarianne Renucci
19:24 08 Aug 23
Wow! What a great experience! This was our first time here and my two teens loved it! We had 2 players age 15 for my son's birthday they played Cyberpunk and had a blast. The customer service of the two guys that were working was great. We will definitely be back! 5 star!!!
Reginia KellyReginia Kelly
17:53 05 Aug 23
We went to VirtropolisVR Escape Room for our quarterly team building event. From the very beginning, Tony made this process seamless. When we arrived (20 of us), we were greeted by Tony and his team. We sat down and had lunch as a team, which Tony also arranged, and were given the rules of the games. I must say, we had a blast. At the end, Tony's team even helped us with our raffle drawing and trivia questions. When I asked my team about how they liked this event, they said it was the best one by far! Thank you Tony! You and your team made our outing a day to remember.
Anirudh VAnirudh V
22:06 26 Jul 23
One of the few VR places around town. We went for a walk in ! They had spots available and very friendly and nice folks . I went with my 8 yr old. They were very informative about the types of games, helped us choose the type of games . They were also available for help during the game, when my little ones equipment was acting up. above all they went above and beyond to let my son and I finish the game although we went over the allotted time( on the house ). Overall an amazing experience and would highly recommend it. Most games are only escape room types. This is not a first person shooter type arena(at least not yet )