Elevate the Birthday Fun with Virtual Reality Adventures!

Experience a birthday party like never before at Virtropolis VR. Bring friends and family together for an unforgettable celebration filled with virtual reality thrills, interactive games, and joyful moments.

Virtual Reality Delight

Turn your birthday into an extraordinary adventure with our immersive VR experiences. Gather your friends, family, and fellow enthusiasts for a one-of-a-kind journey through captivating scenarios and exhilarating challenges.

Gather a group of 6 or more and embark on a journey of shared excitement. The more, the merrier – with virtual reality adventures that are perfect for groups.

(Note: Participants must be 10 years or older to join in the fun.)

Unveil the Party Magic

Step 1 – Dive into VR Adventures: Embark on approximately 1 hour of VR gameplay, including a brief 5-15 minute tutorial to get everyone acquainted with the virtual world.

Step 2 – Celebrate in Style: After the virtual escapades, continue the festivities in our dedicated party room for 45 minutes. Share laughter, stories, and scrumptious treats in an environment designed for joy.

Party Package Includes:

  • Thrilling VR experience
  • Delicious pizza (minimum 2.5 slices per person)
  • Refreshing drinks (water, soda, juice, or a combination)

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    Can kids under 10 participate in the birthday party VR experience?

    To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, participants must be 10 years or older to join our VR birthday parties.
    Expect around 1 hour of VR gameplay and 45 minutes in the party room, totaling about 1 hour and 45 minutes of adventure and celebration.
    Gather a group of 6 or more participants to unlock the immersive excitement of our VR birthday parties.
    Absolutely! Arrive one hour before the party to add your personal touch to the celebration and create a festive atmosphere.
    Beyond pizza, we offer a range of catering choices to suit your preferences. Make your party menu as unique as your celebration.
    Booking is easy! Contact us to get started on planning your unforgettable VR-powered birthday adventure.
    With 5-star ratings on Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, our VR birthday parties deliver unforgettable fun and memorable celebrations.