Dream Hackers


We are the Dream Hackers, a team that has found a way to travel in collective dreams by synchronizing brain rhythms. We have discovered the world of dreams and memories, where you can meet marvelous creatures, walk the streets of cities that never existed, and experience the events of the past and the future.

But be careful – as in any dream, behind the wonders sometimes hide living nightmares that will try to stop uninvited guests. You need to uncover the ancient Citadel and gain a powerful artifact – the Book of Memories.

Discover the Ultimate VR Experience with Dream Hackers in Round Rock, TX!

Have you ever wanted to explore the realms of your dreams and uncover hidden mysteries? Imagine a place where you can walk through cities that never existed, meet marvelous creatures, and experience past and future events. Welcome to Dream Hackers, the ultimate VR adventure located in Round Rock, TX, just a short drive from Austin. At Virtropolis VR, we’ve crafted an immersive experience that lets you and your friends travel in collective dreams, unlocking the secrets of the ancient Citadel and facing thrilling challenges along the way.

Unveiling Dream Hackers: Your Journey Begins Here

At Virtropolis VR in Round Rock, we invite you to become part of the Dream Hackers team. Using advanced technology to synchronize brain rhythms, we’ve unlocked a world where dreams and memories merge. This unique VR game is designed to transport you into an alternate reality filled with wonder and danger.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to VR, Dream Hackers offers an exhilarating experience for everyone. The immersive environment will captivate your senses, making you feel as if you’re truly part of this fantastical world.

Why Choose Dream Hackers at Virtropolis VR?

  1. Immersive Storyline: Dive into a rich narrative where every decision impacts your journey. The plot revolves around uncovering the secrets of the ancient Citadel to find the powerful artifact, the Book of Memories.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology: Our VR setup ensures smooth, lifelike interactions and stunning graphics that bring the dream world to life. You’ll feel every step and hear every sound as if you were truly there.
  3. Engaging Gameplay: Team up with friends or join new allies in this cooperative adventure. Solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and battle living nightmares to advance your quest.
  4. Local Accessibility: Conveniently located in Round Rock, TX, and close to Austin, Virtropolis VR is easily accessible for residents and visitors alike. It’s the perfect activity for a weekend outing or a special event.
  5. Unforgettable Memories: Dream Hackers isn’t just a game; it’s an experience that you’ll talk about long after you’ve left. The blend of exploration, teamwork, and adrenaline-pumping action ensures lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dream Hackers

  1. What is Dream Hackers? Dream Hackers is an immersive VR game where players explore collective dreams, uncover mysteries, and face challenges within a fantastical setting.
  2. How many players can join a session? Each session can accommodate up to 6 players, making it perfect for group outings and team-building activities.
  3. Is Dream Hackers suitable for all ages? While Dream Hackers is designed to be enjoyed by a wide range of ages, we recommend it for players aged 12 and up due to some intense sequences and complex puzzles.
  4. How long does a typical game session last? A typical session of Dream Hackers lasts about 60 minutes, giving players ample time to delve into the story and experience the game’s challenges.
  5. Do I need prior VR experience to play? No prior VR experience is necessary. Our friendly staff will provide a brief tutorial to ensure you’re comfortable with the equipment and ready to enjoy your adventure.

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Ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of dreams and memories? Book your Dream Hackers session at Virtropolis VR in Round Rock, TX, today! Whether you’re seeking a thrilling adventure with friends or a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, Dream Hackers offers an experience like no other.

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At Virtropolis VR, we’re committed to providing top-tier virtual reality experiences. Our location in Round Rock, TX, makes us a prime destination for VR enthusiasts from both Round Rock and Austin. Join us and see why Dream Hackers is the talk of the town.

  • Age Restrictions: Kids aged 10-12, bring an adult for the adventure!
  • Room Notes: Are you ready to slip into dreamland! This is an intermediate game with different levels of difficulty to choose from. In this adventure you are to uncover the ancient Citadel and gain a powerful artifact - the Book of Memories.
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