Mission Sigma


You and your team are in charge of stopping a nuclear warhead from going off. You must find a way into the abandoned building and work your way to the rooftop while disabling boobytraps throughout the floors. Once on the rooftop, you will need to disable the nuclear warhead before the rocket takes off. Time is of the essence; there are only 45 minutes. Does your team have what it takes? Book your mission today!


Defuse the Ultimate Threat

In a world where danger lurks at every corner, the fate of millions rests on your shoulders. Secret services have tracked down a notorious terrorist hiding in the shadows of a long-neglected city. It’s a breakthrough moment, a chance to end a decade-long reign of terror.

But here’s the chilling twist: this terrorist has created a doomsday scenario. High above in the eerie solitude of an abandoned high-rise, a ticking time bomb awaits. A nuclear warhead, a cataclysmic disaster waiting to be unleashed. The only thing standing between annihilation and salvation is you.

A Tower of Peril: This high-rise, once a place of life, is now a fortress of death. Every floor conceals a new challenge, a puzzle, a trap meticulously designed to stop any intruder. Your reputation precedes you—you’re a specialist in deciphering intricate puzzles, a master of outwitting the most diabolical obstacles.

Infiltrate and Unravel: The Secret Service has opened the doors to this ominous tower for you. You’re their last hope. Armed with your intellect, courage, and determination, you must infiltrate this formidable fortress. The countdown to a nuclear apocalypse is underway, and it’s a race against time.

Preempting Disaster: The future teeters on the precipice of calamity. Can you navigate through the labyrinth of traps, decode the mysteries that lie in your path, and avert a nuclear catastrophe? Your expertise will be tested, your wit challenged, and your determination pushed to its limits.

Mission Sigma is not just a game; it’s a pulse-pounding thriller where your every decision can alter the course of history. Do you have what it takes to disarm the ultimate threat and save countless lives? The clock is ticking, and your mission begins now.

Mission Sigma: A High-Stakes VR Thriller

  • Age Restrictions: Kids aged 10-12, bring an adult for the adventure!
  • Room Notes: Ready to dive in? This is the ideal game for newcomers. All puzzles are group-based; there are no individual challenges. Can you conquer the mission and save millions of lives? No pressure, but bring your A-game to this thrilling adventure!
  • Game Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Latvian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi (India), Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Indonesian.
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