Save Notre-Dame On Fire



Inspired by the Unforgettable Rescue

Notre-Dame de Paris, April 15, 2019:

It’s a date etched in history—a day when flames engulfed the iconic Notre-Dame de Paris, threatening to consume a symbol of culture, heritage, and timeless beauty. On that fateful day, an extraordinary rescue unfolded, an epic narrative that now comes to life in the virtual realm. This is your chance to become a part of history.

An Immersive Tribute: Save Notre-Dame On Fire is not just a game; it’s a tribute to the courageous souls who stood between a blazing inferno and a treasure beyond measure. Inspired by the movie “Notre-Dame On Fire” directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, this escape game seeks to honor the valor of the Paris fire brigade. Their assistance ensured that the game would be an immersive and authentic testament to heroism.

Your Mission: For 45 gripping minutes, you will step into the boots of a firefighter, standing on the precipice of history. Your mission is to save Notre-Dame and protect its most treasured relic—the Crown of Thorns. Seek out the secret safe that holds the sacred relic. Navigate through the roaring flames, overcoming the devastation left in the wake of the collapsing spire.

Ascend to Great Heights: Then, brace yourself for a heart-pounding ascent. Climb the North tower, looming high above the city of Paris. Relive the gripping moments of a last-ditch mission in the belfry, where every second counts.

An Unforgettable Journey: Save Notre-Dame On Fire immerses you in a harrowing rescue where heroism and history converge. It’s more than a game; it’s an interactive journey where you become the hero. The clock is ticking, and the fate of a cherished monument hangs in the balance.

Are you prepared to be the savior of Notre-Dame? Live the heroic tale, explore every corner of the iconic cathedral, and stand as a testament to valor. In this virtual reality experience, you are the guardian of history itself.

Save Notre-Dame On Fire: A Heroic Virtual Reality Escape

  • Age Restrictions: Kids aged 10-12, bring an adult for the adventure!
  • Room Notes: Step into a historical adventure, tailored for just two players. Get ready for an immersive journey!
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