The Last Day Defense


Step into a Cosmic Warzone:

Immerse yourself in the relentless conflict between two cosmic empires, both of which originated from Earth. These superpowers are masters of time manipulation and can synthesize essential materials out of pure energy, the lifeblood of future civilizations. For centuries, this epic battle has raged on, but now, a dangerous shift is about to change the very fabric of time itself.

An Enemy’s Desperate Move:

The rival empire has hatched a daring plan – altering the course of history by sending a crew and a massive replicator, a device capable of conjuring an arsenal of weapons, equipment, and machines out of thin air, back to the past on Earth. Their objective is to erase our ancestors and secure victory through nefarious means. Will you allow this audacious move to succeed?

Agents of Time:

As the attack unfolds and our reality teeters on the brink, a group of daring scientists identifies a pivotal moment and dispatches a temporal ship to avert the impending disaster. You’re on board! Take on the mantle of a temporal agent, engaging in a battle of wits and strategy. Build formidable defensive structures, dismantle the enemy’s advanced equipment, and devise a winning strategy that hinges on your map of battles, the incredible replicator, and a limited supply of energy transported back in time by your resourceful team.

Brains and Brawn:

To emerge victorious and preserve the very essence of our empire, you must utilize your intelligence and combat skills. Survive the maelstrom, outsmart the enemy, and rescue the future from the precipice of erasure.

The Universe Awaits Your Heroism:

The Last Day Defense is your ticket to an epic cosmic adventure that will test your intellect, strategy, and fighting prowess. The fate of empires and civilizations hangs in the balance. Will you accept the challenge and be the hero who saves our past, present, and future from oblivion? Prepare for a battle unlike any other and be the agent who rewrites history!

The Last Day Defense – Rewrite the Course of History!

  • Room Notes: This is a tower defense game, with enemies coming in swarms and they get stronger each round. Some of the game movement could cause motion sickness for some. The multiplayer option is not against one another but instead each guest has their own game board and you can compete against time and who can get the furthest.
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